Create, manage and communicate

Make your website grow


Manage and introduce all kind of content.

An easy and agile CMS

Easy because we have worked to make it easy to create and modify your content. Agile because we believe that management has to be immediate.

We explain more tips in our help section

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Many contents to choose

Text and photos in multi-language, forms, image galleries, slides, news, calendar, maps, product catalog, portfolio of work, headers, banners and many more...


Reach more people with a multi-language website.

Do you want customers around the world? With Brancam, you can make your own translations in as many languages as you need at no extra cost.


Sell your products online.

Have you always dreamed of having an online store ? Also us ;)

This is why we have developed a clear, simple and complete editing system. Define categories and subcategories, brands, product variations, related products, shipping costs, discounts, offers, stocks, select among the 3 payment methods offered, set sales areas and taxes...

Brancam has also a custom design system with which you can adapt the visual aspect of your e-commerce to fit your needs.

More information about e-commerce

Safety and reliability for your online store.

Choose among payments: Paypal, credit card ( POS ) or bank transfer. We work with secure payment methods and facilitate its configuration.

Freedom and flexibility in management.

Worried about taxes and shipping? Set the taxes of your shop, following your needs. Customize shipments according to the weight of your products. Create exceptions and shipping areas.

Increase the options to present your products.

Organize your products, set their variations according to specific characteristics, create relationships between products, create offers for the products and organize by discount groups...


Make yourself visible and spread the contents.

  • Spread your content by RSS

    Getting the latest news from your site to your users is almost as important as adding new content. Brancam helps you distributing these automatically.

  • Improve your search engine rankings.

    There is no point at having a website if your customers don't find you... Our system creates optimized pages to improve natural positioning. It also offers a SEO system for every page and product.

  • Share your content on social networks.

    We automate the process of publishing news and events on the agenda of your web project in the most popular social networks. You create content, Brancam spreads them.


Create your design or choose one of our templates.

We work in a CMS that doesn't limit the creativity of our clients. We think that system should adapt to the needs of the project, not the opposite. That's why we have designed various templates which you can use to customize your project. The scalability of Brancam also allows you to upload your own design and code. 100% creativity for you.

Check out all our available designs

Take a look at our documentation

Creating your own templates is so easy...

Create the design

Don’t limit your creativity!

You decide the aspect of your page, and Brancam will adapt to it.

Code it on your own.

After that, you code your design with your HTML.

(If you prefer it, we can do it for you).

Insert the Magic Tags.

Magic Tags are labels used to include dynamic content information:

the title of the page, the navigation menu, breadcrumb...

Generate a ZIP file and upload it.

Once you have the HTML ready, just compress it in a ZIP file and upload it to Brancam

in a ZIP file and upload it to Brancam.

Start introducing your content into the webpage!

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Wity Brancam, your business grows


Create, manage and communicate Make your website grow.

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