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Multilanguage content management

You be able to manage all these contents with Brancam:

Basic areas of text and photos:

Create text and photos elements in all the languages you need. You can choose where to show your images related to the text position: on the left, on the right, under it in big size or thumbnails of a gallery. 

Picture galleries:

You'll be able to create galleries that can be inserted in pages or in the middle of other content. Brancam also improves the performance of the page load by optimizing the size of this images. 

News and scheduled posting:

Post news and schedule them to be public at any date, manage categories and import external RSS.


Fixed or animated, slides are used to show in a more dynamic way some featured contents.

Embeded HTML code:

Used in most cases for embed videos or multimedia elements from popular platforms as Youtube, Vimeo, Slideshare...

Calendar of events and scheduled posting:

Post and schedule events and show them on a calendar. Brancam allows you to sync events with other event systems supporting ICS.


Manage banners in your pages depending on the regions you set in every page template.

Custom forms:

You'll be able to create as many forms as you want with the fields you need.

Product catalog:

(It means the same structure as an e-commerce site but without economical transaction. See e-commerce information).

  • Define categories and subcategories of your products.
  • Mark products as new or featured.
  • Show related products.
  • Define the brand of each product.


Convert your news page to an interactive blog where users will be able to comment with the Disqus system.

Google Maps:

Write your address and set a map point in the exact place you want.

Attached files:

Add handbooks, documentation, catalogs or any other downloadable document you need to share. 

List of elements:

Create pages with list of elements such as news sorted by category, events, products...

Page headers:

Show different header images for each page or group or pages you choose. 


Configure public surveys and manage the results. 

These are the functionalities and tools you will use to edit all your content:

  • Drag & Drop System to organize your content.
  • Order your page structure with the tree page system.
  • WYSIWYG editor and oline editor. With the TinyMCE editor you'll write your content easily. Brancam also has an online editing mode that allows you to edit the content from the public page, with no need to go to the admin area. 
  • Private pages. Control the access to all the pages you want and keep them private with a password.
  • User and role management: give permissions to the users you want and limit their access to some of the admin sections by creating specific roles. 
  • Draft mode: any content you set in draft mode means it's saved in the admin section but not visible in the public page so that you can work on it as long as you want.
  • Multi-language: Brancam is one of the CMS that publishes its content in the languages you need in a very easy way. It also detects the user language and serves the content in that language automatically if it is enabled on the admin section. It also allows you to associate a domain with a language so you won't have to manage two Brancam's to have two diferent domains. 
  • Media Library: organize your files according to their types: images, documents, audios...

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